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Web Design Services

Whether you need a new website designed and built from the ground up, an existing site redesigned, or you just need your current website updated, Delaney Design offers a wide range of web design services at very competitive rates. Services offered include:

  • New web sites (custom designed and built, mobile-friendly)
  • Site re-designs or "facelifts"
  • Site updates & maintenance (update your content and/or fix existing problems)
  • Web-optimized graphics
  • Image galleries (dynamic, using PHP)
  • Web forms (PHP-based, resulting in e-mail submission)
  • Google calendars embedded on your site
  • YouTube videos embedded on your site

Mobile-Friendly Sites Built to Modern Web Standards

No WordPress Here!

Delaney Design creates responsive, mobile-friendly content-focused websites for its clients using modern web standards like HTML5 and CSS so your new site will be usable and friendly on smartphones and tablets as well as traditional desktop computer displays. Delaney Design is one of the few web design businesses left in Maine that still builds custom websites which do not rely on database-driven content management systems such as WordPress or Drupal. If you need or want to do your own frequent updates, and you are computer-savvy, and you have the time, then such CMS systems may be the right way for you to go. But if you feel you are not up to the task of building or mainting your own site and would prefer to have someone else design, build, and maintain your site for you, Delaney Design is ready to help.

How Website Updates Work

After Delaney Design has built your new website, we will perform future updates to your site design and/or content on an hourly basis as needed. New sites created by Delaney Design are built with affordable updating in mind - keeping future maintenance costs low. Time spent on updates will be tracked in a minimum of 15-minute increments and billed to the client. By allowing us to maintain your website, a clean, consistent, and professional look is properly maintained.

Already have a web site?

If you already have a web site, and you simply need someone to update it or maintain it for you, or your site is in need of a redesign - Delaney Design can provide these services.

Please contact Delaney Design for more information or questions about web design services or any other services offered.